Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits

Why they call it Virgin Coconut Oil? What are the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil? I think before we go further, we need to understand first what is a Virgin Coconut Oil. There is no industry standard definition of Virgin Coconut Oil but according to the first company to publish the standards of this edible oils, Virgin Coconut Oil can only achieved by using fresh coconut meat (non-copra). Since the natural, pure coconut oil is very stable, there is no need to used chemicals and high heating in the refining process.

There are thousands of people (including myself) that can testify to the tremendous health benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil. Since this herbal supplement can be used externally and internally, the health benefits of Virgin Coconut oil is widely reported in literature and on the web.

Virgin Coconut Oil cures or prevent the following:
  • skin problem
  • sinus infections
  • ulcers
  • speed up metabolism, helps reduce weight
  • kills yeast infections
  • heart diseases
  • premature aging
  • pancreas problem
  • dryness and flaking of skin
  • helps in stress relief
  • treats dandruff and other hair and scalp issues
  • improve digestive system, prevents stomach or indigestion
  • helps improve immunity
  • prevents liver diseases
  • kidney and gall bladder disease
  • treats diabetes
  • bones problem
  • dental care
  • kills viruses that cause HIV, hepatitis C, influenza,measles,herpes and mononucleosis